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Credit card designs are often boring and bland. You end up having the exact same card as thousands of other cardholders. Luckily, there are some issuing banks that now allow you to individualize your card by putting custom images or pictures right on it. For example, both Standard Chartered and HSBC Philippines now issue credit cards that are uniquely yours. Perhaps you want a picture of your children, your latest trip, your pets, or even yourself on the card. It’s entirely up to you!

Take note, though – you can’t just put ANY image on the card. You need to stick to wholesome images that do not infringe on legal rights of other people or entities. The following images are not allowed:

1. Registered trade names, logos, labels, trademarks, or brands, UNLESS you have secured a written permission from the proprietary owner.

2. Sexual pictures / pictures with sexual content or violent behavior, nudity, liquor, guns, and gambling.

3. Sensitive personal data like your personal identification number (PIN), your address, or phone number.

4.  Images of other people who are related to you, UNLESS you have secured a written permission from that person stating clearly that he/she is allowing you to print his / her image on your credit card.

5. Images referencing public events (e.g. Olympic Games), UNLESS you have secured a written permission from the event organizer.

6.  Political images, especially those considered by many to be offensive, such as the Nazi swastika, the “KKK” image of Ku Klux Klan, etc.

Some of the common images that other credit card holders put on their cards include their wedding pictures, pictures of their family, sceneries (like your favourite beach), vacation pictures that make them happy, and even copyright free images downloaded from the web. Use your common sense; if you think that an image or symbol is copyrighted or offensive, don’t use it. The bank will just disapprove your picture, anyway, and you will just waste time.

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  • Get privileged service anywhere around the world when you travel with Citibank Gold Card!
  • >Pay an annual fee of Php2500 for your primary card and take advantage of a credit line higher than you imagined!
  • Avail of Rewards point for every Php30 spent with your credit card.
  • Travel the world with no worries with Travel Inconvenience Protection available for all card holders just by paying your ticket in full making use of the Citi Gold Card!
  • Relish on Cash Advance Service of only Php500 or 3% whichever is higher…
  • Avail of 24/7 customer service wherever you maybe!

Citibank Rustans Credit Card


  •  Pay an annual fee of just Php2500 and enjoy 2% rebate on all Rustan purchases!
  • Transfer your old account to your new Citi Rustan’s Card absolutely for FREE!
  • Relish on a Cash Advance Rate of 3.50%!
  • Get a Cash Advance Service fee of Php500 or 3% which ever is higher!
  • Go over your credit limit of over Php500! 

My Dream JCB


  • LOWEST annual fee of just Php800, compare and find out
  • Interest rate of only 2.75% per month
  • Cash advance of up to 2.5% of their account or Php500 whichever is higher.

RCBC Bankard MasterCard


  • Do anything you want, anywhere you want in any currency you want and pay them when your back home
  • Gain cash with RCBC Bankard MasterCard because it allows you as much as 30% of your credit limit.
  • Keep your mind at ease with 24/7 customer service anywhere from 20 countries in the globe

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Like majority of things in life, credit cards give us power that we could use to maximize our way of living. We should learn to use it wisely to avoid any hassles in the future.

But what are really the advantages of having a credit card? We, at, did a survey about the merits of having a credit card and you will be surprised at what came out…

It is a lot easier to buy things with a credit card. It gives you purchasing power that can let you buy things without you having to carry huge amounts of cash around.

You get added security if in case something you bought got lost, stolen or damaged. With both your credit Card Company and your credit card statement guaranteeing you made the purchase, you could actually get insurance on whatever you bought.

Having a good credit history not only helps you apply for a new credit card, but also helps you build a solid financial foundation when applying for other things like loans or sometimes even jobs.

Although we should avoid any expenses that is way out of our budget, it is sometimes unavoidable due to emergencies like fire, floods and the like. But the worst thing is it leads to large purchases in huge amounts of money. With a credit card, you can use money with cash advances and worry about paying it later once you’re back on track.

In addition to those, a credit card also presents further benefits like discounts, free air miles and insurances. But you have to remember that credit card companies start making money once you can’t afford paying off your charges!

The benefits of having a credit card are real and are very helpful on the condition that you take into account your spending limits.

Life is made easier with a credit card, but if used unwisely, they become financial break downs for you. If you do decide to get yourself a credit card, keep in mind these following rules:

  • Track all of your purchases.
  • Never spent beyond your budget.
  • Settle your balance at the due date.

Always bear in mind the responsibility of having a credit card. Spend within your budget and use it wisely.