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The credit card is an essential addition to your money handling tools, which enable you to pay for products and services easily without having to use cash. After deciding which bank you are getting a credit card from, it is time for you to fill out the credit card application form.

Applying for a credit card requires you to accomplish a few important requirements including the application form and proof of identification and documentation about your flow of income (i.e. your pay slip). Nowadays, it is possible to apply for a credit card online if you do not have time to go to a bank. Whether you are applying in person or via the internet, there a few things you must keep in mind before you complete the application process.

For starters, be familiar with the following:

  • Finance charge: the amount you have to pay for credit.
  • Annual fee: similar to a membership fee. Some credit card companies do not include this.
  • Grace period: the amount of time where you can pay your dues without being asked for a financial charge.
  • Fixed rate: the finance charge’s fixed annual percentage rate given yearly.
  • Annual percentage rate: finance charge’s yearly percentage rate.
  • Introductory rate: a temporary and lower annual percentage rate which goes on for a few months.
  • Variable rate: a varied prime rate in addition to the additional percentage.

Be familiar with the annual percentage rate or APR and the perks mentioned in your credit card application to be sure if they are up to your standards and purposes for using a credit card. It is also possible to have your credit card application approved within minutes if your credit score is good and if you are able to submit all the requirements.

Finally, when signing up for a credit card online, ensure that the website is secure with the latest data encryption technology so no third party can view your sensitive information. CitiBank, HSBC, and BPI are among the banks in the Philippines capable of processing online credit card applications. And if the bank demands that you show up to them for proof of identity, be sure to bring valid identification to complete your credit card application.

Featured Credit Cards:

HSBC Mabuhay Miles VISA Classic and Gold Credit Card


<li>Earn miles with everything you buy</li>
<li>Free annual fee for the initial year for both primary and supplementary cards</li>
<li>Get 24/7 Concierge Service anytime anywhere to free you of any credit card concerns</li>



<li><strong style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;">&nbsp;</strong>Worldwide recognition</li>
<li>Peso Payment Convenience</li>
<li>Round the clock customer service</li>
<li>Gain unlimited rewards with transactions done with RCBC Bankard Visa</li>

Landmark – Anson’s Card


<li>Free membership for 12 months</li>
<li>Lowest monthly fee of Php80 per month</li>
<li>Earn rewards when using your cards and exchange them for free gift certificates</li>
<li>Avail of Weekly Wednesday discounts</li>

PNB Visa Credit Card


  • Apply for a PNB Visa credit card and the first year’s annual fee is FREE!
  • The PNB Visa Credit Card allows you access to over 25 million establishments all around the world!
  • Need cash? There is no need to worry as PNB Visa Credit Card lets you have cash advance anytime of the day at any PNB ATM outlets near you for emergencies!
  • Avail of financial flexibility and pay for as low as 5% of your whole purchase with their Easy Payment Terms and Installment Plans!

Featured Articles:

The Story of Allied Bank

With a continuously evolving world, Allied Banks’ Mission remains constant. Formally known as Allied Banking Corporation, Allied Bank is one the overall largest banks in the Philippines who in terms of assets rank tenth. The other being the United Coconut Planters Bank, Allied Bank is one of the two universal banks in the Philippines that could not be traded to the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Under the laws of the Philippine Republic, Allied Bank was incorporated on April 11, 1977 and awarded by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas the Certificate of Authority to run as a commercial bank on May 20, 1977. December 1981, they were granted permission to operate as a universal bank or an expanded commercial bank.

Since December 31, 2007, Allied Bank was the country’s 10th largest in terms of net worth and the 9th largest private domestic commercial bank in terms of total deposits.

Because of Allied Bank’s yearning to provide its cardholders their needs they have created ground breaking services and products that will surely satisfy any customer craving. Allied bank is now delighted to offer their clients the latest and upgraded Allied bank MasterCard Credit Card.

With this new innovation, cardholders are granted the chance to take in enjoyment in both the premium and essential side life offers like dining in fantastic restaurants, shopping in exclusive stores or having that awesome vacation you have always dreamed of.

What’s more, you get to have all these while getting lots of giveaways. Earn one (1) point for every Php50 transaction to redeem them for either free gifts, services, cash points and even Miles.

More than anything else, anyone wants the world to be on the palm of his hand. Allied Bank is here to assist you with getting the life you deserve.

In short, the Allied bank MasterCard Credit Card is here to make everything about life more precious.