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Credit cards are trendy and popular among Filipinos. Anybody practically has one because it’s convenient. Remember the time when you had to make an emergency purchase and you don’t have any cash with you? How about the feeling of having your credit card being swipe through the machines in one of your favorite stores? Credit cards come in handy these days at the time when the economy is suffering from recession. It’s very practical to have one or two credit cards—depending on your needs and wants.

Credit cards enable you to purchase items in a jiffy without having to worry about paying it on the spot. It’s also better than carrying a bagful of cash for safety reasons. It’s less hassle to write a check.

It’s convenient to purchase items with the plastic cards on your hands. The trend now is purchasing airplane tickets online and using credit cards as mode of payment. Major airlines such as Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines have discounts and promos often so you have to be fast in availing them. Some shoppers prefer online shopping at Ebay, Multiply and other online boutiques. Their purchases give them the luxury of having their items delivered to their doorsteps. Even bookstores such as National Bookstore, Powerbooks or Fully Booked now follow the same trend. It’s the new era of shopping. Although there are still a few who prefers going inside the stores to purchase items to their hearts content.

However, credit cards users have to be wise so they don’t end up paying more than what they bargained for. Read and understand the fine print of the credit card you are using. Acquaint yourself with the terms use such as finance charges, credit limit, minimum dues and total amount dues. Understanding the definition of these terms prevent credit card users from going into huge debts. The terms and conditions are also important because it provides information on the proper usage of credit cards.

Most people write down their daily purchases. It helps them keep track where their money goes to. Also, keep receipts and billing statements in case there are discrepancies from credit card companies.

Having a credit card also comes with responsibility so it’s important to know how to use it properly. Due dates for credit cards bills are better paid on time and in full. There are some who charge a percentage of the minimum payment. If you don’t have enough cash to pay in full then give as much as you can instead. Also prioritize paying for the credit card bill with the highest interest rate.

These days, credit cards are for everyone who knows how to use them properly. Researching on what banks has to offer is crucial to finding the right one that fits you and your lifestyle.

Featured Credit Cards:

Citibank Platinum VISA


  • Pay annual fee of Php5000 for the primary card and Php2500 for the supplementary card
  • Enjoy cash advance service fee of Php500 or 3%, whichever is higher
  • Transfer your balance for FREE…
  • Finance charge of only 2.75%



  • Relish on a FREE annual membership for the first year!
  • Request for up to 6 supplementary cards for your loved ones and each card will get a FREE annual membership FOR LIFE!
  • Have the power of 2 currencies in just one card with the BDO MasterCard Platinum’s Dual Currency Feature!
  • Access your account anywhere you are and spend on your own terms! Have the assurance of a high credit limit that is available in both Philippine peso and US Dollar in just one card!
  • Avail up to 50% cash advance of your credit limit during any emergencies
  • Choose how to pay for your outstanding balance in the Minimum Payment Options!
  • Go and do anything you want with the BDO MasterCard Platinum and enjoy international recognition and acceptance in over 20 million locations wherever MasterCard is accepted!
  • Get very exclusive discounts on dining, shopping and travel with partner merchants!
  • Travel abroad with your love ones and be worry free with the Travel Accident and Inconvenience Insurance coverage of up to Php20000000!

HSBC Premier Credit Card


<li>Perpetually waived annual fee for the Primary and supplementary cards</li>
<li>No worries as you shop, dine and travel with the HSBC Premium Credit Card because it is accepted in 24 million establishments worldwide.</li>
<li>Earn 1 Rewards point in every Php5 spent and use these to redeem one of a kind Rewards Item.</li>
<li>Lost your card? HSBC will replace it for you the next day with emergency cash advance of $2,000.<span style="mso-spacerun: yes;">&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;</span></li>
<li>Relish on magnificent discounts when dining, shopping or just going around the world for fun in over 40 countries and territories.</li>
<li>Share the benefits of being an HSBC Premier Credit Cardholder and still manage their spending.</li>



  • Get free Miles with the lowest point conversion ever to hit the market with only Php38!
  • Gain access to your credit card account anywhere in the world!
  • Enjoy as much as 30% of your credit limit in My Ally Instant Cash
  • Also enjoy a revolving Interest Rate of only 3.25%!

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With all the offers you get form credit card companies, you may feel a little overwhelmed about what kind of credit card suits you best. Here, at, have a few tips for you in choosing the appropriate credit card for you before you say the big “yes” to any credit card company or get carried away with solicitations over the phone or via mail.

Find out your basic goals. Ask yourself; Why do I need a credit card? You can’t just go and apply for a credit card just to be “in” with another crowd.

Next, determine how much you are prepared to pay for the annual fees and how much you plan to spend every month. This will help you start selecting a credit card that is within your budget.

Now do the research. Go to online resources (like to find out everything you need. If you have free time, drop by at the banks to inquire personally about all the things you need to find out. These should include the following:

  • The annual fee
  • Required minimum period
  • Finance charges
  • The credit card issuer providing the credit line and its size
  • The extension period (interest free days) before the payment should be made.

Review all the credit cards your have researched. Base your choice of credit card to the one that bests suits your lifestyle and personality. Always remember to choose the credit card that proposes the BEST DEAL for you. For example, don’t go for a credit that offers you free miles if you don’t have any plans of traveling abroad! Get the point?

Now that you know what to do, start looking up your resources and find out the best credit card suited for you.