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Citibank Credit Cards – Philippines

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Citibank is one of the leading names of credit card providers in the Philippines and is also one of the most recognized banks in the world, so it has earned the trust of many credit card users.  The company also offers different types of credit cards in the Philippines, each of them are tailored to match different preferences and lifestyles. There are currently eight types of Citibank credit cards offered in the Philippines. Here’s a rundown plus notable features:

Citi Classic MasterCard/VISA

Citibank’s most basic credit card gives you rewards points each time you use it. You can also pay for expensive items in easy and light monthly installments using this card.

Citi Cash Back MasterCard

This credit card is convenient if you want to automatically pay for utilities and services for your home. It offers 5% rebate on your PLDT MyDSL and landline bills as well as to your grocery purchases, while other purchases are given a 0.5% rebate. The monthly interest rate is low at 2.99%, and if you spend a minimum of P15,000 a month, your principal card annual fee can be waived.

Citi PremierMiles Card

For travelers who like to fly, the Citi PremierMIles Card can be used with more than 50 participating airlines. The best thing about it is that your miles do not expire. Using this credit card to pay for everyday purchases also earns you free flights, and you can redeem miles from 5 frequent flyer programs.

Citi Rustan’s Card

If you are particular about where you shop and you like Rustan’s, consider getting this credit card, which gives you up to 3% rebate when you use it for shopping at Rustan’s Supermarket, Department Store, and its Stores Specialists, Inc. stores. It also gives you a 20% discount when you use it on your birthday or anniversary, and it also qualifies you for preferential discounts, invitations to sale events, free gifts, and priority services.

Citi Mercury Drug Card

Essentially a loyalty card, this credit card is best for frequent shoppers of Mercury Drug pharmacy. Using it gives you 2% rebate on any purchase made in the establishment and it also qualifies you for free intensive diamond peel from Clarity and a free yearly physical exam package courtesy of Healthway.

Shell Citi Visa

If you have a car and you like refueling at Shell gas station, consider this credit card which gives you a 5% rebate when you buy Shell fuel. Using this card for non-fuel purposes also earns you a rebate of 0.5%. It likewise qualifies you for a 24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance Service anywhere you are in the Philippines.

Citi Gold MasterCard/VISA

Ideal for use when traveling abroad, it offers double rewards points when used overseas, and it also offers exclusive discounts wherever you are via the Citi World Privileges.

Citi Platinum VISA

This credit card offers the highest credit limit to match a luxurious lifestyle, and its monthly interest charge is only 2.75%. Exclusive lifestyle and shopping privileges are also offered locally and abroad, and it also qualifies you for 24-hour access to the Platinum Priority Hotline and Citibank’s Premium Concierge Services.

Featured Credit Cards:

Citibank Shell VISA


  • Get the HIGHEST fuel rebate in the market with Citi Shell Visa
  • Enjoy 24/7 emergency service for Gold Card holders in making any alternate plans in any cases of emergency.
  • gency cash once in need..
  • Pay an annual fee of only Php3000 for the primary card.



  • Pay for just Php2500 annual for your membership card
  • Get cash advance service fee of Php300 or 6%, whichever is higher!
  • Enjoy 53 interest free days and just 3.50% finance charge
  • Transfer your balance with just 1.25%
  • Convert your rewards point with FREE miles!



<li>Delight in the special financial charge now for only 2.75%.</li>
<li>With the Metrobank Platinum Mastercard, you get round the clock international concierge package on any credit card associated need, may it be business transactions, medical treatments or a special shopping. Now it has even HIGHER credit limits that lets you enjoy the lifestyle you ask for&hellip;</li>
<li>Pay for just Php5000 for your annual fee to enjoy a credit card with the highest credit limit with an extremely low interest rate! But guess what, the first year is actually for FREE!</li>
<li>No more worries because with the Metrobank Platinum MasterCard, you get to enjoy 24/7 Concierge Service all year round!</li>

RCBC Bankard MasterCard


  • Do anything you want, anywhere you want in any currency you want and pay them when your back home
  • Gain cash with RCBC Bankard MasterCard because it allows you as much as 30% of your credit limit.
  • Keep your mind at ease with 24/7 customer service anywhere from 20 countries in the globe

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Like majority of things in life, credit cards give us power that we could use to maximize our way of living. We should learn to use it wisely to avoid any hassles in the future.

But what are really the advantages of having a credit card? We, at, did a survey about the merits of having a credit card and you will be surprised at what came out…

It is a lot easier to buy things with a credit card. It gives you purchasing power that can let you buy things without you having to carry huge amounts of cash around.

You get added security if in case something you bought got lost, stolen or damaged. With both your credit Card Company and your credit card statement guaranteeing you made the purchase, you could actually get insurance on whatever you bought.

Having a good credit history not only helps you apply for a new credit card, but also helps you build a solid financial foundation when applying for other things like loans or sometimes even jobs.

Although we should avoid any expenses that is way out of our budget, it is sometimes unavoidable due to emergencies like fire, floods and the like. But the worst thing is it leads to large purchases in huge amounts of money. With a credit card, you can use money with cash advances and worry about paying it later once you’re back on track.

In addition to those, a credit card also presents further benefits like discounts, free air miles and insurances. But you have to remember that credit card companies start making money once you can’t afford paying off your charges!

The benefits of having a credit card are real and are very helpful on the condition that you take into account your spending limits.

Life is made easier with a credit card, but if used unwisely, they become financial break downs for you. If you do decide to get yourself a credit card, keep in mind these following rules:

  • Track all of your purchases.
  • Never spent beyond your budget.
  • Settle your balance at the due date.

Always bear in mind the responsibility of having a credit card. Spend within your budget and use it wisely.