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If you are a frequent traveler, a credit card offering air mileage points may be most suitable for you. Essentially, airline mileage cards help you make the most of your trips by giving you points that can be converted into perks like access to exclusive airline lounges, discounts, free airline tickets, upgrading to first class, and more travel-related rewards.

Your favorite airline

Be discerning when choosing an airline miles card; to get the most out of it, you should consider your loyalty to certain airline, travel needs, and personal interests. For starters, consider which airline you are more likely to travel with so you can pick a credit card that has a partnership with that airline. All major credit card providers have a credit card co-branded with a particular air carrier such as Philippine Airlines.

Go generic

If you are not always flying with a particular airline but you like traveling with discounted tickets, a generic airline mileage card should be better for you. Many major banks in the Philippines offer mileage cards that enable consumers to earn mileage points whenever they use the credit card not just for buying airline tickets, but also for buying consumer goods (like groceries) and services. You can exchange these points for free tickets and other privileges.

Know the differences

Still, airline miles are different from frequent flier miles because they cannot be included with the airline’s own frequent flier program. Once you gain enough mileage, you can redeem your rewards by using your credit card miles to purchase the discount ticket from a major airline. There is also a difference between generic miles and airline-specific credit cards. In general, generic ones sometimes do not have annual fees while co-branded ones often do.

Examples of airline miles cards

Finding the right airline mileage credit card should be once you have decided which type of card suits your needs and spending patterns. Here is a list of some of the airline miles cards in the Philippines.

  1. Citi PremierMiles Card from Citibank
    * lets you earn more miles on purchases
    * lets you redeem from around 70 participating airlines.
    * the miles never expire
  2. BPI Express Credit WorldPerks Pure Mileage Card from BPI
    * customers earn 1 WorldPerks mile each time P45.00 is spent
    * miles have not expiry date and can be transferred to friends and family
  3. HSBC Mabuhay miles Visa from HSBC
    * an airline-specific card for use only with Philippine Airlines
    * can be used for domestic or international travel
    * you earn a mile for every P45.00 spent, which is attributed as the lowest spend-to-mile requirement for conversion among modern travel mileage cards.
  4. Go! MasterCard from Metrobank
    * gives clients a chance to buy tickets and fly free.
    * you can get double points by using this card in certain establishments like Handyman, Cebu Pacific, Robinsons, Warehouse, Topshop or Topman, Wallis, and Dorothy Perkins.

Featured Credit Cards:

The EDGE MasterCard | BPI Credit Card


  • Pay a monthly fee of just Php110!
  • Get wonderful discounts and privileges with the trendiest shops and stylish clubs!
  • Avail of finance charge of 3.4%
  • Reload your mobile phone automatically thru SMS and get 24/7 access to credit limit online and through your phone!
  • Maximize your spending power with the BPI Edge MasterCard as you enjoy discounts and perks with your friends in over 30 million institutions worldwide!
  • Earn 1 Reward Points with just Php50 worth of transaction charged with your card!



<li>Have only 3.5% finance charge on your account with Mertobank Classic and Gold Credit Card.</li>
<li>Knowing your balance is just one beep away. Get wind of your balance by just TEXTING anytime, anywhere.</li>
<li>No collection of annual fee for the first year.</li>



  • Pay for just Php2500 annual for your membership card
  • Get cash advance service fee of Php300 or 6%, whichever is higher!
  • Enjoy 53 interest free days and just 3.50% finance charge
  • Transfer your balance with just 1.25%
  • Convert your rewards point with FREE miles!

RCBC Bankard Diamond Card


  • Finance Charge: 2.75 %
  • Balance Transfer Rate: 1.488% (6months)
  • Annual fee of only Php2,500
  • Cash advance service fee 300% or 5%, whichever is higher

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Should you let your kid have his own credit card?

Fact: there is already an increase of teens and college students who have their own credit cards. Credit card companies now aim on the two groups since they are the ones who spend more money than adults.

Educate your child on how to manage spending with a credit card. Parents an even use instances in the present state of affairs as an example to discuss to kids the pros and cons of credit cards.

Smaller credit limits are usual with these types of cards and while it may be easy to apply for one, credit card companies charge large interest rates and fees to the teenage credit card holders.

People who are below 18 are not legitimate in obtaining credit cards without the consent of their parents. Unfortunately, some kids fill out forms and receive credit cards without the knowledge of their parents. To avoid this, talk to them and help them realize the importance of beginning a solid credit history with their first card. Emphasize that it is of utmost importance to their future.

As a parent, start by reading the guidelines with your child. Make sure you call to attention all the terms written on the fine print. Avoid coming to the rescue if the bills get way out of control. This will teach him to be responsible in handling his money. A credit card spent by a teenager and paid by his parents initiates bad credit habits

Let the child bear in mind that his credit card sho uld be used in emergencies only. Monitor ALL his spending activities. Some credit cards even allow the parents to create their own credit limit for the supplementary cards. This is very logical especially if you are too busy with your career.

Parents can help their kids spend sensibly with the correct use of credit cards. At this early stage, it is better to prepare them in the reality of life by teaching them not to abuse its benefits.