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The credit card is an essential addition to your money handling tools, which enable you to pay for products and services easily without having to use cash. After deciding which bank you are getting a credit card from, it is time for you to fill out the credit card application form.

Applying for a credit card requires you to accomplish a few important requirements including the application form and proof of identification and documentation about your flow of income (i.e. your pay slip). Nowadays, it is possible to apply for a credit card online if you do not have time to go to a bank. Whether you are applying in person or via the internet, there a few things you must keep in mind before you complete the application process.

For starters, be familiar with the following:

  • Finance charge: the amount you have to pay for credit.
  • Annual fee: similar to a membership fee. Some credit card companies do not include this.
  • Grace period: the amount of time where you can pay your dues without being asked for a financial charge.
  • Fixed rate: the finance charge’s fixed annual percentage rate given yearly.
  • Annual percentage rate: finance charge’s yearly percentage rate.
  • Introductory rate: a temporary and lower annual percentage rate which goes on for a few months.
  • Variable rate: a varied prime rate in addition to the additional percentage.

Be familiar with the annual percentage rate or APR and the perks mentioned in your credit card application to be sure if they are up to your standards and purposes for using a credit card. It is also possible to have your credit card application approved within minutes if your credit score is good and if you are able to submit all the requirements.

Finally, when signing up for a credit card online, ensure that the website is secure with the latest data encryption technology so no third party can view your sensitive information. CitiBank, HSBC, and BPI are among the banks in the Philippines capable of processing online credit card applications. And if the bank demands that you show up to them for proof of identity, be sure to bring valid identification to complete your credit card application.

Featured Credit Cards:

BPI Credit Card – PETRON MasterCard


  • Pay an annual fee of Php1550 for your primary card. Plus you get FREE Php200 worth of fuel once you receive your Petron-BPI MasterCard!
  • Get FREE Full Tank every year with its 3% fuel rebate!
  • Avail of a finance charge of just 3.4%
  • Get 24-hour Roadside Assistance and Towing Service wherever and whenever you need it!
  • Relish on very exclusive privileges and discounts on car dealerships and car accessory merchants only with your Petron-BPI MasterCard!



  • Pay for just Php2500 annual for your membership card
  • Get cash advance service fee of Php300 or 6%, whichever is higher!
  • Enjoy 53 interest free days and just 3.50% finance charge
  • Transfer your balance with just 1.25%
  • Convert your rewards point with FREE miles!



  • Avail of FREE Annual fee for the initial year!
  • Spend at least Php180000 per year and get FREE ANNUAL FEE FOR LIFE!
  • Shop, dine and travel anywhere around the world with the BDO MasterCard Gold!
  • Get one point for every Php50 worth of purchase and trades them for a reward you want!
  • Avail of the Dual Currency Billing Option!
  • Leave all your worries and concerns behind with the Travel Accident and Inconvenience Insurance Coverage of up to P5 Million exclusive for BDO Gold Cardholders!
  • Enjoy unlimited discounts and privileges with the BDO MasterCard Gold!
  • Worry no more with BDO’s light and easy installment programs!

Citibank Rustans Credit Card


  •  Pay an annual fee of just Php2500 and enjoy 2% rebate on all Rustan purchases!
  • Transfer your old account to your new Citi Rustan’s Card absolutely for FREE!
  • Relish on a Cash Advance Rate of 3.50%!
  • Get a Cash Advance Service fee of Php500 or 3% which ever is higher!
  • Go over your credit limit of over Php500! 

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With all the offers you get form credit card companies, you may feel a little overwhelmed about what kind of credit card suits you best. Here, at, have a few tips for you in choosing the appropriate credit card for you before you say the big “yes” to any credit card company or get carried away with solicitations over the phone or via mail.

Find out your basic goals. Ask yourself; Why do I need a credit card? You can’t just go and apply for a credit card just to be “in” with another crowd.

Next, determine how much you are prepared to pay for the annual fees and how much you plan to spend every month. This will help you start selecting a credit card that is within your budget.

Now do the research. Go to online resources (like to find out everything you need. If you have free time, drop by at the banks to inquire personally about all the things you need to find out. These should include the following:

  • The annual fee
  • Required minimum period
  • Finance charges
  • The credit card issuer providing the credit line and its size
  • The extension period (interest free days) before the payment should be made.

Review all the credit cards your have researched. Base your choice of credit card to the one that bests suits your lifestyle and personality. Always remember to choose the credit card that proposes the BEST DEAL for you. For example, don’t go for a credit that offers you free miles if you don’t have any plans of traveling abroad! Get the point?

Now that you know what to do, start looking up your resources and find out the best credit card suited for you.