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Citibank Credit Cards – Philippines

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Citibank is one of the leading names of credit card providers in the Philippines and is also one of the most recognized banks in the world, so it has earned the trust of many credit card users.  The company also offers different types of credit cards in the Philippines, each of them are tailored to match different preferences and lifestyles. There are currently eight types of Citibank credit cards offered in the Philippines. Here’s a rundown plus notable features:

Citi Classic MasterCard/VISA

Citibank’s most basic credit card gives you rewards points each time you use it. You can also pay for expensive items in easy and light monthly installments using this card.

Citi Cash Back MasterCard

This credit card is convenient if you want to automatically pay for utilities and services for your home. It offers 5% rebate on your PLDT MyDSL and landline bills as well as to your grocery purchases, while other purchases are given a 0.5% rebate. The monthly interest rate is low at 2.99%, and if you spend a minimum of P15,000 a month, your principal card annual fee can be waived.

Citi PremierMiles Card

For travelers who like to fly, the Citi PremierMIles Card can be used with more than 50 participating airlines. The best thing about it is that your miles do not expire. Using this credit card to pay for everyday purchases also earns you free flights, and you can redeem miles from 5 frequent flyer programs.

Citi Rustan’s Card

If you are particular about where you shop and you like Rustan’s, consider getting this credit card, which gives you up to 3% rebate when you use it for shopping at Rustan’s Supermarket, Department Store, and its Stores Specialists, Inc. stores. It also gives you a 20% discount when you use it on your birthday or anniversary, and it also qualifies you for preferential discounts, invitations to sale events, free gifts, and priority services.

Citi Mercury Drug Card

Essentially a loyalty card, this credit card is best for frequent shoppers of Mercury Drug pharmacy. Using it gives you 2% rebate on any purchase made in the establishment and it also qualifies you for free intensive diamond peel from Clarity and a free yearly physical exam package courtesy of Healthway.

Shell Citi Visa

If you have a car and you like refueling at Shell gas station, consider this credit card which gives you a 5% rebate when you buy Shell fuel. Using this card for non-fuel purposes also earns you a rebate of 0.5%. It likewise qualifies you for a 24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance Service anywhere you are in the Philippines.

Citi Gold MasterCard/VISA

Ideal for use when traveling abroad, it offers double rewards points when used overseas, and it also offers exclusive discounts wherever you are via the Citi World Privileges.

Citi Platinum VISA

This credit card offers the highest credit limit to match a luxurious lifestyle, and its monthly interest charge is only 2.75%. Exclusive lifestyle and shopping privileges are also offered locally and abroad, and it also qualifies you for 24-hour access to the Platinum Priority Hotline and Citibank’s Premium Concierge Services.

Featured Credit Cards:

RCBC Bankard JCB Credit Card


  • Worldwide Acceptance in more than 180 countries on all major establishments
  • Shop, dine and travel anywhere and pay in any currency required
  • Convert your outstanding balance to your new RCBC Bankard JCB Credit Card.
  • Enjoy 24/7 customer service wherever you are.
  • Get as much as 30% of your credit limit anywhere you may be!



  • Enjoy an annual fee of only Php6000 for the primary card and Php3000 for the supplementary cards. But guess what, the first year is actually for free for both cards
  • Pay a cash advance rate of only 3.25%
  • Cash advance fee of only Php50 plus 5%, whichever is higher.
  • Get individual Dollar and Peso billings for your international and local transactions.
  • Avail of free flights out of the country with the Mabuhay Miles World MasterCard that has the lowest point of Mile conversion of only Php38!
  • Relish on customized assistance as you get special access to the Allied World Service.



  • Avail of FREE Annual fee for the initial year!
  • Spend at least Php180000 per year and get FREE ANNUAL FEE FOR LIFE!
  • Shop, dine and travel anywhere around the world with the BDO MasterCard Gold!
  • Get one point for every Php50 worth of purchase and trades them for a reward you want!
  • Avail of the Dual Currency Billing Option!
  • Leave all your worries and concerns behind with the Travel Accident and Inconvenience Insurance Coverage of up to P5 Million exclusive for BDO Gold Cardholders!
  • Enjoy unlimited discounts and privileges with the BDO MasterCard Gold!
  • Worry no more with BDO’s light and easy installment programs!

LJC Credit Card


  • Monthly membership fee of Php80 and P60 for the extension
  • Get year round discounts
  • Avail of birthday discounts and enjoy fine dining all with RCBC Bankard LJC credit card

Featured Articles:

Featured Article 4

Ever thought of getting a credit card but don’t know where to start? For majority of cardholders we know, credit cards are terrific tools that certainly have very great advantages.

We at have surveyed many customers and here is what came out…

Its very handy payment. That’s the big thing, right? You don’t have to worry about being robbed or something because you don’t have that big cash with you. Even if you’re just making small purchases, it’s a big help. Plus, the fact that we are in the on-line shopping age, it’s a total must have.

On the spot loans. When you’re short of cash, a credit card will be there to save you from the embarrassment of not being able to pay as it will help you make up for your purchase. To avoid any fees, just pay your balance in full.

You have no idea as to where you’re spending your money? People have the tendency to say they don’t know where half of their money went. With a credit card, you can easily track your purchases on your monthly payments. So if you think your wife spent too much for the month, check on your bill, who knows, it might even be you…

It’s easier to pay off. It’s easy to pay credit card bills. All you have to do is find an ATM with your checking or an easy account transfer. Good news is you don’t have to wait a month to pay it off. And guess what, some even lets cardholders pay their bills ONLINE. So say goodbye long lines; Hello to convenience!

You get rewards.

Every time you make transactions you earn point or “rewards” that you can exchange for either gift checks, vouchers, exclusive items or maybe the cash back system. We’re not saying that you use your credit card non-stop to avail of these, but as a matter of fact, it is a nice bonus.

Very exclusive deals. How would you spell exclusive? Its “c-r-e-d-i-t-c-a-r-d”. Why? Because you get a lot of high class services that are only available for those people who hold the cards. Sometimes its discounts on products, dining and traveling first class. Remember the times when you really wanted to buy something and you were able to buy it because of the discount my credit card was able to give me.

We can go on and on with these, but nothing is really important than learning it by experience. Everything has its ups and downs. It’s up to you, as the card holder, to become responsible in how you manage your money. Look into the bigger picture of how credit cards make life easier and who knows you might just even love it. Just be responsible and a word of advice, pay your dues on time, all the time…