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If you are a frequent traveler, a credit card offering air mileage points may be most suitable for you. Essentially, airline mileage cards help you make the most of your trips by giving you points that can be converted into perks like access to exclusive airline lounges, discounts, free airline tickets, upgrading to first class, and more travel-related rewards.

Your favorite airline

Be discerning when choosing an airline miles card; to get the most out of it, you should consider your loyalty to certain airline, travel needs, and personal interests. For starters, consider which airline you are more likely to travel with so you can pick a credit card that has a partnership with that airline. All major credit card providers have a credit card co-branded with a particular air carrier such as Philippine Airlines.

Go generic

If you are not always flying with a particular airline but you like traveling with discounted tickets, a generic airline mileage card should be better for you. Many major banks in the Philippines offer mileage cards that enable consumers to earn mileage points whenever they use the credit card not just for buying airline tickets, but also for buying consumer goods (like groceries) and services. You can exchange these points for free tickets and other privileges.

Know the differences

Still, airline miles are different from frequent flier miles because they cannot be included with the airline’s own frequent flier program. Once you gain enough mileage, you can redeem your rewards by using your credit card miles to purchase the discount ticket from a major airline. There is also a difference between generic miles and airline-specific credit cards. In general, generic ones sometimes do not have annual fees while co-branded ones often do.

Examples of airline miles cards

Finding the right airline mileage credit card should be once you have decided which type of card suits your needs and spending patterns. Here is a list of some of the airline miles cards in the Philippines.

  1. Citi PremierMiles Card from Citibank
    * lets you earn more miles on purchases
    * lets you redeem from around 70 participating airlines.
    * the miles never expire
  2. BPI Express Credit WorldPerks Pure Mileage Card from BPI
    * customers earn 1 WorldPerks mile each time P45.00 is spent
    * miles have not expiry date and can be transferred to friends and family
  3. HSBC Mabuhay miles Visa from HSBC
    * an airline-specific card for use only with Philippine Airlines
    * can be used for domestic or international travel
    * you earn a mile for every P45.00 spent, which is attributed as the lowest spend-to-mile requirement for conversion among modern travel mileage cards.
  4. Go! MasterCard from Metrobank
    * gives clients a chance to buy tickets and fly free.
    * you can get double points by using this card in certain establishments like Handyman, Cebu Pacific, Robinsons, Warehouse, Topshop or Topman, Wallis, and Dorothy Perkins.

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<li><strong style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;">&nbsp;</strong>Worldwide recognition</li>
<li>Peso Payment Convenience</li>
<li>Round the clock customer service</li>
<li>Gain unlimited rewards with transactions done with RCBC Bankard Visa</li>



&lt;li&gt;Global Reception. Shop and travel around the world with your EastWest Bank Credit Card and enjoy unlimited control in almost 30 million international establishments all around the world.&lt;/li&gt;
&lt;li&gt;To keep your foreign currency intact, all purchases you have, whether they may be local or international, will be funded in the Philippine peso.&lt;/li&gt;
&lt;li&gt;Enjoy Finance charge of 3.50% per month&lt;/li&gt;
&lt;li&gt;Cash advance of 5% or Php300 whichever is higher&lt;/li&gt;
&lt;li&gt;Avail of the Free Family Accident and Dismemberment Protection&amp;nbsp;&lt;/li&gt;

BPI Credit Card – PETRON MasterCard


  • Pay an annual fee of Php1550 for your primary card. Plus you get FREE Php200 worth of fuel once you receive your Petron-BPI MasterCard!
  • Get FREE Full Tank every year with its 3% fuel rebate!
  • Avail of a finance charge of just 3.4%
  • Get 24-hour Roadside Assistance and Towing Service wherever and whenever you need it!
  • Relish on very exclusive privileges and discounts on car dealerships and car accessory merchants only with your Petron-BPI MasterCard!

Metrobank M Lite MasterCard


  • Pay an annual fee of just Php1400
  • Take advantage of Finance Charge Rate of just 2.49%!
  • Transfer your balance to your new Metrobank M Lite MasterCard with just 0.79%

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Once used properly and efficiently, credit cards are handy and suitable devices for just about anyone who is of age. It can even assist you with upcoming activities like buying a house, getting another degree and sometimes going for a leisure trip somewhere abroad with family and friends. Before you allow your teenager or yourself to get a credit card, know some of its advantages and understand some of its procedures.

A credit card can allow you to bUy products or services which you need right now but can’t afford to pay all of it at once. Sometimes it’s often the single way to pay for hotel accommodations, car rental fees or airline tickets.

Credit cards also allow it holders to purchase items over the phone or sometimes in the internet. You can shop and pay your monthly bills in the convenience of your very home! Some credit card companies offer virtual banking that lets you shop and transact business online.

It is also safer to carry a credit card than to carry cash around wherever you go. For the most part, credit cards are very useful in instant emergencies like accidents, car breakdowns or calamities.

You could actually even give anything you purchase protection, avail of travel insurances, free miles and even cash back bonuses if you charge your transactions with your credit card.

One fact is for sure; having a credit card is convenient at times but also remember that a credit card tempts you to spend money you don’t have. Always have the sense to follow up on your credit card to avoid overspending which can give you a big headache in the future. Use your credit cards in ways that you benefit from them, not them benefiting from you!

Understand what you’re getting into before you start building up credit card balances. Once used wisely, they are an absolute help in budgeting. But if not, they will turn up to be your greatest nightmare.